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What Is a Winch Drum?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari

A winch drum is a component within a winch system. Winches are devices that use a long cable wrapped around a cylindrical drum to haul heavy items. The drum is usually attached to a motor that can turn it in either direction, thereby either feeding cable out or retracting it inward. The winch drum will vary in size according to the size of the entire winch system as well as the specific cable, and it may be motorized or manually turned. The materials used to make the drum can vary as well according to the intended purpose of the winch system.

Sometimes a winch drum is slotted, or it may feature flanges on either side. These flanges are intended to prevent the cable from slipping off the drum and potentially jamming or damaging the winch system. It is common for the winch drum to be made from steel for durability, though lighter-duty systems may feature a drum made from aluminum or even plastic. The orientation of the winch drum can vary as well, though in most cases, the drum is mounted horizontally.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

The size of the winch drum can vary according to how large and long of a cable is wrapped around it. Larger diameter cables will generally require a larger drum, while thinner cables may need a smaller one. A longer cable will also require a larger drum, sometimes regardless of the cable's diameter. Larger drums will require larger housings, and in most cases, a heavier duty motor will be required to turn the drum and cable.

Smaller drums are often used on off-road vehicle winch systems. These systems generally contain a shorter cable than a winch intended for industrial use, and the cable may be a smaller diameter as well. The entire winch system will be mounted to the front of the vehicle, either on a specially designed bumper or onto the vehicle's frame. Winch drums used for such purposes do not need to be exceptionally large, and they can be lighter weight than some other types of winch systems.

Industrial winches may feature a larger drum, cable, housing, and motor. The size will vary according to the intended purpose; overhead winches in factories or warehouses can be the same size as an off-road winch or slightly larger. The winches are measured by their weight capacities, which determine how much weight can be hauled at one time with the system.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book