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What is a Tire Step?

Matthew F.
Matthew F.

A tire step is a popular after market accessory for trucks, sports utility vehicles and a variety of large automobiles. A truck tire step or car tire step can be purchased at a number of automotive stores, sports stores and large department stores. Also known as a wheel mount tire step, tire steps can be used for a variety of purposes and are manufactured to make access to a vehicle simpler and less strenuous.

The adjustable tire step or adjustable wheel step can be manufactured in multiple ways. It is most commonly made of a three bar harness that is fastened over the top of a tire, with a separate harness hanging down over the middle of the tire with a step elevated off of the ground. The tire step often accommodates weights as heavy as most adult men, and universal tire steps can be adjusted to fit on any type of standard tire.

Woman posing
Woman posing

Truck tire steps and car tire steps can be placed on the outside of any tire on the car, and can easily be removed and replaced. These steps can allow a driver to more easily step into a seat of a car, especially in trucks or SUVs where the seats are elevated. The main purpose of the tire step, however, is to allow access to the top of the car more easily. Whether the goal is to strap luggage or hunting catches onto the top of the car, to adjust an upper rack, to clean the top of the car, or to repair something too high to reach, tire steps provide a stable place to stand.

Tire steps are manufactured with a variety of step treads to prevent accidents, and can be made with a number of adjustable levers and screws to allow for raising and lowering of the step. Some rigs are manufactured with more than one step, and allow for changing of heights when working on a vehicle. Tire steps are also most commonly made of forgiving metal or rubber, so that they will not damage tires if they are left on accidentally while driving the car. The device will simply slide under the tire as it begins to turn, though it will likely be destroyed itself.

Another variety of tire steps is a step that is built into a variety of larger vehicles. This step is often built just above the wheelwell and just under the door, and feature a small step for drivers or passengers to step into the vehicle easily. This is built into various larger SUVs and trucks.

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    • Woman posing
      Woman posing