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What Is a 200cc ATV?

D. Grey
D. Grey

Mobility and speed are two of the features that individuals are interested in when purchasing an off road or work vehicle. Many consumers prefer a 200cc all terrain vehicle (ATV) for traversing relatively short distances over a varied terrain. ATVs, also popularly known as quad bikes, are only intended for land usage. They are designed for use by a single operator and have four or six wheels, depending on the model.

The "cc" abbreviation refers to volume, expressed in cubic centimeters. A cubic centimeter is one of the basic units used for measuring volume, and in this case, refers to the total volume of the engine's cylinders. Usually a higher volume implies that the ATV will be faster or have more power. A 200cc ATV is often selected by individuals because of cost effectiveness and its occupation of less space than larger models or different types of vehicles.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

A large variety of ATVs, varying in size, number of wheels, emissions and other specifications are available. All of these features should generally be taken into account if one decides to purchase a 200cc ATV. Factors to consider are the distances to be driven, the type of terrain, and operational costs, such as fuel.

ATVs are used for various purposes, including traversing terrain that would be impossible to navigate in a larger vehicle and unpleasant to travel over on foot. A 200cc ATV may not be as comfortable as a car, even if that were an option, but it reduces fuel costs and is more environmentally friendly.

Many 200cc ATV manufacturers produce sport models, for which weight, engine power, and suspension are the main features that differ from regular models. Different types of ATV sport competitions have been organized and are an entertaining way for consumers to learn about a 200cc ATV and to decide which they would like to own for themselves. It should be noted that sport model ATVs are developed for speed and performance rather than utility.

Consumers have the option of purchasing new or used 200cc ATVs, the deciding factor usually being preferences and budget. One should be aware that, as with any vehicle, parts such as clutches or carburetors will need to be replaced with extensive use. ATV owners can replace parts and fix problems themselves or take the vehicle to an approved technician.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book