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What Are the Different Types of Bicycle Tires and Tubes?

Bicycle tires and tubes come in various designs, each tailored for specific riding conditions. From rugged mountain bike tires with deep treads for off-road grip to sleek road bike tires for speed and efficiency, the right choice enhances your cycling experience. Puncture-resistant tubes and lightweight options also play a role. Ready to find the perfect fit for your ride?
Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari

Bicycle tires and tubes come in a wide variety of sizes, treads, thicknesses, and styles to accommodate different styles of bicycle riding and different trail and road conditions. Most bicycles require both bicycle tires and tubes to function properly, while others need only a tire that runs tubeless. Another type of tire is also the tube itself; this tire is known as a tubular tire and it must be glued to a specially designed rim to work properly. Narrowing down one's search for tires and tubes starts by determining what type of bike the tires and tubes will go on, and what type of riding will be done.

The two most common sizes of bicycle tires and tubes are 26 inches for mountain bikes and many cruisers, and 700c for road bikes, cruisers, cyclocross bikes, and many others. 26 inch tires and tubes are smaller in diameter than 700c bicycle tires and tubes, and they are usually wider to accommodate the impacts a mountain bike is likely to endure. The tubes may be thicker than 700c tubes, but this is not always necessarily the case. The tread on 26 inch tires may be knobby for off-road use or smooth for on-road use, and some 26 inch tires are semi-slick, which means they are smooth down the center of the tire and knobby on the sides for better cornering.


Tubes generally come in two styles, dictated by the type of valve: Presta and Schrader. Schrader valves are the type of valves used on car tires, and they are common on some mountain bikes, cruisers, and other models. Presta valves are much skinnier to cut down on the size of the hole that needs to be drilled into the bike rim; the smaller the hole, the stronger the rim will be. Presta valves are common on higher-end mountain bikes, road bikes, cyclocross bikes, and a variety of other bicycles.

Road bikes commonly use 700 cc tires and tubes.
Road bikes commonly use 700 cc tires and tubes.

Bicycle tires and tubes are almost always made from some sort of rubber, though other materials are available. The tires may have a steel or a Kevlar bead; the bead is the part of the tire that comes in contact with the rim to keep the tire in place. Kevlar beads are much lighter, and they are flexible to make the tire foldable for storage. Steel beads are heavier and more rigid, and they are also less expensive.

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@Soulfox -- It doesn't hurt to keep a spare tire or two around your home, either. Those are hard to take with you, but you will need them because bicycle tires tend to get damaged.

Luckily, a new bicycle tire tube will help you get by until you can get a new tire if you have to deal with too much damage. Still, severe tire damage is a fact of life cyclists have to deal with so being prepared for that reality is just a great idea.


If you do any kind of serious, long distance bicycle riding at all then you need to make sure to have some bike tire tubes on hand. Carrying a portable air pump around is good, too. Oh, and don't forget a few tools that you will need to change tires.

The fact of the matter is that people tend to throw junk out of their cars. That stuff ends up on the side of the road and some of it can puncture a tire tube in no time flat. That is a sad fact and one that cyclists who drive on streets must prepare for.

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    • It.
      By: lamio
    • Road bikes commonly use 700 cc tires and tubes.
      By: Stefan Schurr
      Road bikes commonly use 700 cc tires and tubes.
    • Bike tires are typically made of woven fabric that's covered in rubber.
      By: chochowy
      Bike tires are typically made of woven fabric that's covered in rubber.