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What Are the Different Methods of ATV Transport?

ATV transport methods range from simple trailers to specialized carriers, ensuring your off-road adventure starts without a hitch. Whether you opt for a truck bed, towable trailer, or a professional hauling service, each method offers unique benefits for convenience and security. Curious about which transport solution fits your ATV lifestyle best? Let's explore the possibilities and gear up for your next ride.
Lori Kilchermann
Lori Kilchermann

There are two basic methods of transporting an all-terrain vehicle (ATV): by truck and by trailer. There are several ways to accomplish an ATV transport need. There are devices which can be bolted onto a pickup truck that allow for transporting multiple ATVs. With the help of a set of ramps, some people use the bed of a pickup truck for ATV transport. Trailers offer many ways to transport an ATV and there are several companies that offer transportation and shipping of the off-road vehicles.

To many people, one of the downsides of owning an ATV is the need to transport the vehicle to a trail or riding location. Luckily, there are a few options when it comes time for ATV transport. These options can include both independent ATV transport companies as well as commercial transport companies. One of the most basic and common methods of ATV transport involves a pickup truck and a set of ramps. The rider simply opens the tailgate of the truck box and places ramps on the tailgate to the ground. The ATV can then be ridden up the ramps and into the waiting bed of the pickup while the ramps are folded and stored alongside the ATV during transport.

An ATV is a vehicle designed for driving on a large variety of terrains.
An ATV is a vehicle designed for driving on a large variety of terrains.

A less common method of transport involves the mounting of a carrying ramp in the bed of a pickup truck. The ramp sits high above the bed of the truck, level with the top of the truck's cab. The ATV is ridden up an access ramp and onto the carrying ramp. Typically, this ramp allows the transport of two or more ATVs with a single truck. The downside to this is the top-heavy feeling of the truck as it is driven down the road. It is not uncommon for trucks using this type of carrying ramp to also undergo spring and shock upgrades to smooth the ride.

Trailers, both open and closed, provide the most convenient types of ATV transport. The ATVs can be placed crossways on the trailer or lengthways, depending on the number of ATVs being hauled at once. The closed trailer method also provides shelter for the ATVs during inclement weather. Many riders camp inside of the covered trailer that was used to haul the ATVs to the riding destination. When moving an ATV across town or across the country, many professional moving companies offer ATV transport complete with insurance and delivery confirmation.

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    • An ATV is a vehicle designed for driving on a large variety of terrains.
      By: Kelly Lambert
      An ATV is a vehicle designed for driving on a large variety of terrains.