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What are Super Pocket Bikes?

Tara Barnett
Tara Barnett

Super pocket bikes are a relatively large type of mini bike, sometimes sold as X15, X18, or X22 pocket bikes. While most mini motorcycles are not legal to ride on the street, some of the super pocket bikes are large enough and safe enough that they are approved in some areas. The major difference between a super pocket bike and a normal pocket bike is size, but bikes of larger sizes are almost always more powerful. As such, it is best to think of this type of mini bike as a real motorcycle rather than a child's toy, as serious injury can occur.

Pocket bikes in general were developed as efficient transportation vehicles for use in racing pits. Their smaller size made them easier to maneuver in tight areas. Pocket bike racing has since become a sport and a hobby in its own right, resulting in many official types of pocket bikes. It is still possible to design one's own bike, meaning that not all super pocket bikes are officially labeled as such.

Super pocket bikes are a relatively large type of mini bike.
Super pocket bikes are a relatively large type of mini bike.

While most pocket bikes have two-stroke engines, super pocket bikes often have four-stroke engines, making them significantly more powerful. Due to their size, they frequently lose much of the nimble mobility of smaller pocket bikes, but in a race on a larger track they can often make up for control with power. For riders, these bikes are often more comfortable than smaller bikes and may provide a smoother ride.

Smaller pocket bikes are almost never legal to ride on the street, although they may be legal to own and race. Super pocket bikes, on the other hand, are frequently designed to be ridden on the street and often include features that make them safer to ride. Signal lights, horns, and even license plate holders may be features on super pocket bikes. Even if the bike itself is legal to ride on the street, there are sometimes limitation or modifications that must be made to the bike before it is approved by a regulatory agency. The bike's manufacturer can often provide advice on this subject.

Super pocket bikes are often popular with children and teens because they are designed to look precisely like miniature motorcycles. Given their size, it is easy for adults to think of them as toys, but this is a serious mistake. This type of bike can reach extremely fast speeds, and a simple helmet is not always enough to protect the rider from injury. When purchasing a super pocket bike, it is absolutely essential to be well informed about the safety of the bike and to invest in proper safety equipment as well.

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@Feryll - I don't have any practical experience with taking care of motorcycles of any kind, but I do know that if you take care of the maintenance on any vehicle then you will have to replace the parts and complete major repairs less often. I'm sure it's the same with these mini and super pocket bikes.


Even though pocket bikes are not overly expensive compared to some of the other types of motorcycles on the market, they can still be expensive. The parts often need replacing quite often, and maintenance and repairs really add up on these machines. I'm assuming the super pocket bikes are similar in this way.


Heed the warning given here. Those mini pocket bikes and super pocket bikes look cute because they are so little, but they have enough power to be dangerous in the wrong hands, or in the hands of an inexperienced person.

One of our neighbors bought his son a small off-road dirt bike. The boy had no experience with a motorcycle and he wasn't even a teenager yet. The boy was just allowed to go off and learn to ride by trial and error. This technique is fine with a regular bike that doesn't come with a powerful motor, but not with a motorcycle.

The boy took one of his friends riding on the bike. They had an accident and both he and his passenger were injured. Both of them had to be taken for treatment at the local emergency room after the accident. The passenger was treated for a concussion, and the driver had a couple of broken bones. These machines should be treated with a lot of respect.

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    • Super pocket bikes are a relatively large type of mini bike.
      By: Shariff Che'Lah
      Super pocket bikes are a relatively large type of mini bike.