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How do I Choose the Best Auto Parts Washer?

Selecting the best auto parts washer hinges on your specific needs. Consider capacity, solvent type, and durability. For heavy use, invest in a robust, high-capacity model. Eco-conscious? Opt for aqueous-based cleaners. Remember, quality ensures longevity and safety. Ready to find the perfect match for your workshop? Let's explore the key features that will keep your parts pristine and your workflow efficient.
Lori Kilchermann
Lori Kilchermann

Size is perhaps the greatest determining factor in choosing the best auto parts washer. It is generally recommended by most auto mechanics to purchase the biggest auto parts washer that will comfortably fit in the work area. The reason for this simple: it is always possible to wash a small part in a large washer, but it is difficult to clean a large part in a small auto parts washer. Also, the larger the quantity of cleaning fluid that is stored in the auto parts washer's reservoir tank, the less contaminated and diluted it will become from cleaning parts. This results is less frequent changing of the cleaning fluid.

An auto parts washer is a device used to clean automobile engine components as well as auto chassis components. It consists of a reservoir tank, a wash tub, an electric pump and a brush. An auto parts washer contains a parts washing fluid designed to efficiently remove grease and dirt from auto parts.


In addition to size, purchasing an auto parts washer with a lighting assembly mounted on it also aids in cleaning parts by allowing the user to better see the dirt and grime. Since the cleaning solution used in the parts washer is extremely flammable, it is wise to purchase a fluorescent lighting system, as it will produce less heat than a typical light bulb. It is also wise to purchase a washer with a cover that is able to drop in an emergency and extinguish a flame in case of a fire.

Many parts washers use a soft metal bolt to hold the cover open that will actually melt in case of a fire. The bolt will then allow the cover to slam closed and extinguish the flames. This only works if there is no part in the washer's tub that would prevent the cover from completely closing. This is why it is never recommended to leave parts unattended in the washer.

Choosing an auto parts washer with a quality cleaning brush is important. Many of the lesser-quality washers use a very soft-bristled brush that makes scrubbing difficult and removing grease and grime from parts nearly impossible. A stiff-bristled brush allows for digging dirt out of deep crevices and tight spots found on many auto parts. It is also beneficial to purchase a high-flow capacity pump with any auto parts washer. This will ensure that plenty of cleaning fluid be dispensed on the part being washed.

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