Can Music Affect Your Driving?

There is some evidence that listening to music while driving can contribute to accidents. A study that exposed experienced drivers to a variety of music showed that people who were listening to fast music were more likely to get into accidents. This study was performed on a driving simulator, however, and the study's lead researcher noted that there might be differences between the behaviors of drivers on the road and those in simulators. Other studies have shown that singing along to music can slow a driver's reaction times.

More about driving distractions:

  • Several US states regulate earphone and earbud use while driving. Some forbid them altogether, and others allow drivers to use these devices in or on one ear only.

  • In the United Kingdom, many drivers have reported being distracted by scantily clad people along the streets as well as models in roadside advertisements.

  • Texting creates conditions in which a driver is 23 times more likely to get into a crash than if he or she was not distracted.

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